The SIGLA Complementary Food Blend is a low-cost flour-like mixture of rice, mongo beans and sesame seeds. It is rich in protein and carbohydrates which are needed for optimum body growth and production of a continuous source of energy for children, sustaining them throughout their daily activities. It is an ideal supplementary food for all children between the ages of 6 months through to 12 years, particularly for those who are undernourished. Adults can also take it for an additional energy source.

Food Blend can be prepared easily by adding the mixture to boiling water and cooking to desired consistency. Sugar may be added to taste, if needed. This product can also be used in other food recipes as it adds more nutritional value to the food. As a base material, you can use it in making hamburger patties, polvoron, hotcake and other food snacks. SIGLA Crunchies are also made from rice and mongo beans and are a healthy substitute snack food to commercialized cheap junk food that children really love. 

FNRI-DOST developed these food technologies as alternative complementary food used in feeding programs. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has granted SIGLA with the License to Operate (LTO). Now certified, the Foundation is hoping that SIGLA products can be distributed to a wider and bigger market and is showcased in various Food Fairs in the Province. Since the SIGLA Project has been recognized by FNRI – DOST as one of the best malnutrition reduction implementers, the Foundation received several speaking invitations to share its impact and best practices. During the Philippine Association of Nutrition, 71st Anniversary and Annual Convention held at the PICC, the Foundation was enjoined to share the SIGLA project as a catalyst for community development.

SIGLA was set up with the joint aim of providing skills training and employment opportunities exclusively for women from the local Calatagan community. EZF believes that inclusive growth can only be achieved by providing families with regular and sustainable income opportunities that allow them to support their families and lead productive lives.