The Museo Enrique Zobel provides free guided tours every day of the week. There were 1,897 visitors; both foreign and local visitors for the year 2018. Group tours were booked beforehand and allowed on Sundays. As part of the museum education and awareness program, the Foundation launched a Lecture Series last May 17, 2018. The main objective of the lecture series was to educate the public on the importance of the local culture and history and its relevance to the present time. The local government officials, academe sector, members of the community and other museum friends and enthusiasts participated in the event. The first topic of the lecture series was about the Calatagan Ritual Pot being declared as a National Cultural Treasure. The Foundation invited a Professor from the University of the Philippines who is well-versed in the field of Philippine archeology. The audience learned more about the historical and cultural value of the ancient pottery highlighting the major excavations that happened in Calatagan.

For further understanding of the Calatagan Ritual Pot, the second leg of the lecture series was about the ancient writing found on the Calatagan Pot. The theme of the second lecture was, “Baybayin: Unlock the Mystery of Ancient Script in Calatagan Ritual Pot.” A total of three hundred twenty-one (321) participants attended the two legs of the lecture series.