The Island Store is becoming a popular souvenir shop among tourists and locals in the area. The most popular items are souvenir shirts, canvas bags, KapengBarako, muscovado sugar and refrigerator magnets. It also serves brewed and iced coffee paired with Jacobina biscuits allowing tourists to sample local flavors.

In 2021, in order to compensate for the loss of sales of the Island Store due to covid restrictions, the Foundation joined in the Mercadillo de Los Sabados Bazaar held at Punta Fuego Village in Nasugbu. Products and items produced by the locals were exhibited and sold in the bazaar. 

In 2021, Canvas bags, throw pillows, and greetings cards were the top-picked items. Aside from joining the Bazaar, the Island Store also generated additional sales from the walk-in clients that are in need of souvenir items.