As an offshoot of the Calatagan Cultural Mapping Project, the Foundation facilitated 6 workshops with an end goal of activating the local community and its people to become more aware and appreciative of its history and culture. 

The sessions began with a consultation workshop hosted with public school teachers, local government officials, retired teachers and other local stakeholders. 

The activity resulted in four major decision points. 

First, to integrate Calatagan history and culture in the educational curriculum. 

Second, to publish material on the culture and heritage of Calatagan which can be used as reference and additional reading material for the students and teachers.

Third, to ensure local government passes ordinances to protect its cultural assets via the creation of a resolution with the Department of Education allowing schools in Calatagan to synchronize discussions on its local history and culture in their respective curriculum classes.

Fourth, the design of an online catalogue where all the cultural resources and heritage of Calatagan can be accessed. 

Given the complexities of crafting standardized daily lesson logs, the Foundation partnered with the Department of Education Region IV-A, to facilitate a series of writing workshops that focused on integrating the Calatagan history and culture into the education curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12. 

The workshops were attended by public elementary and high school teachers from across the region and used information obtained from the six (6) volume, cultural mapping documents to develop focused content on the Filipino, Music, Arts, Physical Education, Health, Values and Social Science subjects. 

Teacher-writers were able to enhance their lesson crafting skills and became well-versed with the culture and history of Calatagan developing 128 new daily lesson logs (DLLs). 

The next phase will be for the Department of Education pool of experts to review and approve these DLLs which will eventually be uploaded in the department’s online portal which can be accessed by everyone. 

Using these materials, the Foundation will also publish a workbook that encompasses Calatagan’s culture and seek to distribute in all public schools in Calatagan.