Established in 1990 the E. Zobel Foundation was founded by the late Don Enrique Zobel who believed that “through education there is hope for a better life”

Taking this cue from the businessman-philanthropist the Foundation seeks to contribute to the evolution of public education, learning, self-growth and well-being by focusing on seven major program areas:

– Education and Learning
– Health and Nutrition
– Culture and the Arts
– Women’s Empowerment
– Special Projects
– Environment

The Foundation aspires to sustain these programs and services and continue the founder’s enduring legacy.

The E. Zobel Foundation Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To support the growth, transformation and empowerment of individuals by restoring hope, self-sufficiency and well-being.

To be active in the regeneration and evolution of a more caring, cooperative and conscious society.

Our Mission

To provide opportunity, inspiration and education for economically challenged youth, minorities, creatives and communities.

To contribute towards social change in the Philippines by developing an inclusionary paradigm that seeks to impact and improve all lives, regardless of status or background.

About the Founder

Enrique O. Zobel, also known as EZ, was born on January 7 1927, the only child of Col. Jacobo Roxas Zobel and Angela Olgado and the eldest of the 7th generation of the Zobel de Ayala family. He led an active and successful life.

He recognized his greater responsibility to help others without expectation or repayment. He believed that if those who have been blessed financially, intellectually, or socially would embrace the responsibility to help those who are less fortunate then we would have a more caring society, more cooperation and a sense of oneness or community.

EZ established a foundation under his name on April 24 1990 for the purpose of advancing the opportunities for education of the youth of Calatagan, Batangas. He believed that through education there is hope for a better life.

It was almost as if he had a premonition of things to come. One year after he set up the E. Zobel Foundation Inc. he suffered a near fatal accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down.

With EZ’s son Iñigo taking over the day to day business concerns, EZ focused more on the Foundation deciding to concentrate his efforts in Calatagan, Batangas in particular.

Over the years EZ supported many causes — such as land reform, cattle dispersal, micro-finance, support for the disabled sector, medical center renovations, medical missions and scholarships.

When he died on May 17 2004 local and international papers published a sheaf of obituaries, hailing him as a visionary, a mogul, the taipan of all taipans, an accomplished pilot, the quintessential businessman, a philanthropist, feisty, controversial, a maverick, a restless Filipino, a champion for social change and a deeply spiritual person.

The composite painted the portrait of a man larger than life.

Board of Trustees

Mercedes U. Zobel


Iñigo U. Zobel


Ava Zobel Pessina


Jose Bayani D. Baylon


Henry Motte-Muñoz


Victoria V. Wieneke


Patricia Araneta, PhD


Patricia Betina L. Cruz



Enrique Antonio Fillamor


Jose Antonio Rafael Santos

Corporate Secretary

Paulino Buenconsejo

Executive Director

The EZ Foundation Staff